New research is shedding light on how we fight fires and in some cases, challenge long-accepted practices. This video highlights the key lessons from this research that will hopefully get you thinking deeper and maybe incorporate them into your department’s operations.

Points to Consider:

  • Fires are more volatile today because of building design and construction, and fire load materials (this stuff burns faster and hotter).
  • Early application of water reduces the thermal threat to firefighters (do something to the fire and everything gets better).
  • Forcible entry openings should be considered as ventilation (as the building changes, so does the fire behavior).
  • The SLICE-RS method is intended to serve as the initial attack sequence for first arriving companies whereas, RECEO-VS serves as command priorities to help guide the incident commander through the process.

Watch and listen, dig deeper into everyone’s thoughts and see how this research can help your department operate safer and more effectively.

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