The Choices We Make: My Notes From Leadercast

Along with a few friends, I attended the Leadercast simulcast at the Office Depot Corporate Headquarters on May 4, 2012. The program, sponsored by Chick-fil-A followed the theme of “Life changing events begin with a simple choice.” In other words, we all make choices (decisions) that affect the people around us which can create a positive impact on them and others. As leaders, our choices can strengthen our families and impact our organizations. The day-long program featured energizing speakers who delivered thought-provoking ideas on leadership and practical ways to apply them. Look for the next Leadercast on May 10, 2013. Following are some nuggets I took away:

Andy Stanley

Soledad O’Brien

Dr. Roland Fryer

  • Website: The Education Innovation Laboratory at Harvard University
  • How do we make life better for those who are less fortunate?
  • If the U.S. has better education and technology available, why do we score lower than other countries who have less?
  • Who does it right? We should find them and follow what they do. Figure out what they do and do that!
  • Some ways for better education:
    • Spend more time doing it
    • Find the best teachers and use them
    • Use data to alter the pace of instruction
    • Have high expectations
    • Use short term learning and testing
    • Hold leaders accountable
    • Test the fundamentals early and often

Marcus Buckingham

  • Website: TMBC
  • Leadership is about “authenticity.” It’s not a model, it’s idiosyncratic.
  • What’s your leadership edge?
    • Advisor: You are practical
    • Connector: You are a catalyst
    • Creator: You make sense of the world
    • Equalizer: You are level-headed
    • Influencer: You engage people and convince them to act
    • Pioneer: You are optimistic in the face of uncertainty
    • Provider: You sense other people’s feelings
    • Stimulator: You are the host for other people’s emotions
    • Teacher: You are thrilled by the potential you see in others

Angela Ahrendts

  • Website: Burberry
  • Leadership should build a culture of trust and intuition. The combination will lead to more choices and better execution.
  • Keep asking:
    • What is our brand? Is it relevant? What’s best for the brand?
    • How do we unite the team? How do we connect with everybody?
    • How do we keep the organization healthy, motivated, and inspired?

John Maxwell

  • Website: The John Maxwell Company
  • You need to transform yourself to transform others. What are you doing to develop yourself?
  • 3 laws from the Laws of Growth
    • Law of Intentionality – What is our purpose?
    • Law of Awareness – We must know ourselves to grow ourselves.
      • Follow the 3 R’s:
        1. Requirement: What do I have to do?
        2. Return: What do I do well?
        3. Reward: What do I love?
    • Law of Environment – Grow in the right surroundings.

Tim Tebow and Urban Myer

  • Website: Tim Tebow
  • Urban Myer: Leadership is raising the level of the people around you.
  • Tim Tebow:
    • How do you lead when you are not in the game? Be ready!
    • Don worry about what you can’t control; focus on what you can do.

Dr. Sheena Iyengar

  • Book: The Art of Choosing
  • Choice is our ability to exercise control over ourselves and our environment.
  • Effective leaders see choice through others’ eyes.
  • Effective leaders are choosy about choosing.

Patrick Lencioni

Choices are about intention. What choices will you make today?

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