What does a leader look like?

General George S. Patton, drawing by Art Price

Quick, what comes to mind: What does a leader look like?

This question is prompted by Callie Oettinger’s post at Stevenpressfield.com: Crackpot, Problem Child, Great Fighting Leader. She describes the many images of General George S. Patton. There’s much more to Patton than meets the eye.

Clearly, everyone has a view of what a leader looks like and how they should behave. What about the leaders who are just outside of the expected norms, like Patton? What do you think? Are we holding too tight to specific mental models of what a leader looks like?

Read Callie Oettinger’s post here.

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Start Before You're Ready!

Nike was right, we should “just do it!” Resistance is a huge roadblock in the path of our progress. It prevents us from bringing ideas to life or sometimes just plain having fun. Steven Pressfield knows this and that’s what his recently released book, Do the Work, is all about. The book begins with this, “On the field of the Self stand a knight and a dragon. You are the knight. Resistance is the dragon.”

I downloaded a Kindle version of the book and read it fast, just as Seth Godin suggested in the Forward (Godin also talks on his blog about how ‘shipping,’ delivering work on a deadline, is key to success). Then I purchased it on iTunes and listened to SP read his own words; even better.

Go here to read more from Pressfield about staying stupid, trusting the soup, and starting before you’re ready.

Steven Pressfield's "The Warrior Ethos"

Steven Pressfield is one of my favorites to follow. I like his historical novels (Gates of Fire and The Afghan Campaign ) and I like his inspiring works (Do The Work and The War of Art) that help us tackle our daily challenges. SP is a storyteller that addresses great questions, such as, “Who are we?” Where do we come from?” and  “Why do we act the way we do today?”

Pressfield has now produced another great work called “The Warrior Ethos” that helps us define and defend our own sense of purpose. Go here to read the full text of “The Warrior Ethos” in lightbox format.