What Questions Should We Ask After Going To Training?

What was learned at training and how will it be applied to real incidents?

What was learned at training and how will it be applied to real incidents?

Your firefighters just completed scheduled training delivered by your training division. Field supervisors (company and chief officers), for a variety of reasons, may not be able to attend every training session with their firefighters. You were not at this one to observe how they were trained and what they learned. Someone else (your training division or maybe even contract instructors) was teaching and coaching your firefighters.

If you are a front line supervisor (company or chief officer) and you send firefighters to training, you are responsible for working with them to determine what was learned, who needs remediation, and how best to apply what they learned on a real incident. A critical role of the officer is coaching their firefighters to ensure that their work is safe and effective.

Whether you were at training with them or not, here are a few questions supervisors can ask (or you can ask yourself) after firefighters have completed training:

  • The purpose of this training was to ________________ ; HOW was _______________ accomplished?
  • WHAT have you learned?
  • HOW will you apply the training to your specific role/area? To your team’s role/area?
  • WHAT other lessons did you pick up?
  • Do you need more training? WHAT kind and HOW much?
  • (Supervisor) HOW can I support you in doing and applying what you learned?
  • HOW can we measure the impact of the training on our current work?

How do you get feedback on your firefighters’ training performance? How do you expand and improve on what they learned at training for better performance at a real incident with you?