Ronald Reagan's Leadership

Effective leaders are principled, confident, happy, free of ego, and devoted. Our 40th President, Ronald Reagan, has been described as, “a man who understood instinctively that he did not ‘become’ president, but was given ‘temporary custody’ of an office that ultimately belongs to the people.” He is mentioned often with other notable leaders such as Washington and Lincoln. Yesterday, February 6, 2011, would have been Reagan’s 100th birthday.

Leadership Lessons Learned

There are many great leadership lessons we can learn from President Reagan, which I believe can be described in just two words: servant leader.  He was simply a leader who focused on others first. Servant leaders are different than other leaders in that they are focused on others, not just themselves, and they want to make life better for others, not just themselves.

What’s your motivation to lead? Is it to accomplish something or to be recognized?  Or is it your desire to serve others and to help them grow?

President Reagan in Austin, Texas. 7/26/84. Photo from Reagan Library

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