Reread: From Buddy To Boss

I’m rereading one of the fire service’s dynamic and in your face leaders and authors, Chase Sargent. His book, From Buddy To Boss, is full of real-life truths and nuggets to guide the new officer (company or chief) and remind and reset the old ones. His live presentations were delivered at street level, making his points understandable to those of us on the front lines trying to make good sense of something at 0200 in the morning. Here’s a short piece of Sargent’s wit and wisdom:

From “Methods to Expand Your Influence”

Committee. Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you live in a country run by a committee, you had better be on the committee.” If you want to influence the kind of breathing apparatus or PPE you purchase, then find a way to get on the committee that does the research and makes the final recommendation. There is an old saying: “Those who show up and speak up have a say, and those that show up and don’t speak up have no say, those that don’t show up have to live with it!”

From Buddy To Boss is on our 3rd Battalion Reading Challenge List. You should read it too. More snippets to come.

If leadership is about influence, where do you stand?