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A few interesting blogs that came across my laptop this month.

Safety Culture. Pam McDonald – Wildland Fire Leadership: Exposing Our Roots

  • Firefighter Awareness Study
  • Phase I -Identifying the Organizational Culture, Leadership, Human Factors, and Other Issues Impacting Firefighter Safety
  • Phase II – Wildland Firefighter Safety Awareness Study – Setting New Goals for the Organizational Culture, Leadership, Human Factors, and Other Areas Impacting Firefighter Safety
  • Phase III – Implementing Cultural Changes for Safety
  • Phase IV- Developing a Cooperative Approach
  • Lessons Learned Videos – 10 Year Anniversary

Decision-Making. Michael Hyatt’s Intentional Leadership – The One Habit of Every Effective Leader

This is a guest post from Jeff Gions that begins with a great quote from Dave Ramsey:

“I make a decision, and if it’s the wrong one, I make another one.”

Adapting to a Situation. Law Enforcement & Security Consulting – Mental Toughness And …. The Power to Adapt

Living and working in our complex world often requires that we quickly adapt to a person or situation. There are many thoughts and questions that will create frictions (obstacles or breakdowns) that delay decision making. What tactics can we use to overcome them?

Decision making is closely tied to awareness and adaptability, and both are needed to build a safe and effective organizational culture.  More decision making explorations to come at my Firefighter-360 column.

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