Recommended Reading: Teamwork

Teamwork no longer implies working together physically but also virtually. Here’s three good reads on The Team:

Wildland Fire Leadership – Pulling the Team Together

…The time and effort a leader devotes up front in creating a well-functioning and cohesive team will pay off with great rewards in the end.

…We highlight the following topics regarding “Building the Team.”

  • Trust
  • Healthy conflict
  • Commitment
  • Peer Accountability
  • Team Results
  • Resilience

Steven Pressfield – The Warrior Sense of Humor

The warrior sense of humor is terse, dry – and dark. Its purpose is to deflect fear and to reinforce unity and cohesion.

… Another time, a band of Spartans arrived at a crossroads to find a party of frightened travelers. “You are lucky,” the travelers told them. “A gang of bandits was here just a few minutes ago.” “We’re not lucky,” said the Spartan leader. “They were.”

… Lastly, these remarks are inclusive. They’re about “us.” Whatever ordeal is coming, the company will undergo it together. Leonidas’s and Dienekes’s quips draw the individual out of his private terror and yoke him to the group.

Big Dog & Little Dog’s Performance Juxtaposition – Team Leadership

….A lack of leadership is often seen as a roadblock to a team’s performance.

….Rather than focusing on ineffective teams, Larson and LaFasto (1989) looked in the opposite direction by interviewing excellent teams to gain insights as to what enables them to function to a high degree. They came away with the following conclusions:

  • A clear elevating goal — they have a vision
  • Results driven structure — visions have a business goal
  • Competent team members with right number and mix
  • Unified commitment — they are a team, not a group
  • A collaborative climate — aligned towards a common purpose
  • High standards of excellence — they have group norms
  • Principled leadership — the central driver of excellence
  • External support — they have adequate resources

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