A Call to Battle: A Pro-Reading Challenge

One way to create a learning movement is by challenging others to read. A challenge is something by nature that serves as a “call to battle,” or a test. The basic concept for a Pro-Reading Challenge is for teams of leaders to read and talk about developmental books with each other. It basically works this way:

  • Individuals are invited to take the challenge, and they are provided with the resources to do it
  • Those who respond to the challenge select a book, and the program gives them the book to read and talk about
  • Affix a “sticker” to the inside front cover of the books communicating the following:
    • This book belongs to the Profession. Read it, sign it, and pass it on to another.

The design of the Pro-Reading Challenge allows it to reach farther than the realms of the leaders who visibly participate. The Challenge creates a chain of reading with a positive, “pay-it-forward” ripple effect.

To kick off a Pro-Reading Challenge, throw out a two-part question:

  1. Why did you choose this book?
  2. What do you hope to get out of reading it?

Learning from the Reading:

Breaking down the reading into short assignments and knowing the questions ahead of time will help focus on the reading. Maximize the time spent discussing the relevance of the material to current operations.

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