Why Do We Have This Policy?

Sometimes, the more policies that are put in place, the less your members will feel accountable for tasks. What may seem like a good policy may actually be affecting members and your fire department’s mission in a negative way.

Are Some of Your Policies Counterproductive?

  1. Review WHY the policy was created and decide if there’s still a valid reason to have it. If not, get rid of it!
  2. Does the policy contain unproductive tasks (We’ve always done it that way) that have potential for improvement? Revise it for better productivity!

How Can You Stop Counterproductive Policies?

  1. Decentralize authority and responsibility. Empower your members to make decisions.
  2. Be an advocate for change. Be willing to try something new.
  3. If you do need a policy, design it to be focused on getting work done, not slowing it down.

For better organization and productivity, keep it simple and ask, Why do we need it? How do we do it?” and “What will it do for us?


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