Congress, Do The Right Thing!

The fire service never leaves anyone behind. Our nation should do the same.

Congress, listen to “the people” and do the right thing!

From Paul Combs:

Daily DRAWN BY FIRE – This illustration was first published in 2010. I find it heartbreaking, discouraging, and infuriating that I can republish it today! The Zadroga Act is not a political football for the House to fumble – contact your Congressional rep and demand they stand up for what’s right. This illustration and message has been forwarded to my Congressman Bob Latta (R) Ohio.

Here are a few articles on the latest… I’ll post more as I get time.

House committee’s revised bill to renew Zadroga Act draws opposition from Democrats

This Powerful Image Shows Why Jon Stewart Is Fighting So Hard For 9/11 Heroes

Zadroga Act Adovcates Make Final Push For Renewal As Congress Deadline Looms

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