Congress, Do The Right Thing!

The fire service never leaves anyone behind. Our nation should do the same.

Congress, listen to “the people” and do the right thing!

From Paul Combs:

Daily DRAWN BY FIRE – This illustration was first published in 2010. I find it heartbreaking, discouraging, and infuriating that I can republish it today! The Zadroga Act is not a political football for the House to fumble – contact your Congressional rep and demand they stand up for what’s right. This illustration and message has been forwarded to my Congressman Bob Latta (R) Ohio.

Here are a few articles on the latest… I’ll post more as I get time.

House committee’s revised bill to renew Zadroga Act draws opposition from Democrats

This Powerful Image Shows Why Jon Stewart Is Fighting So Hard For 9/11 Heroes

Zadroga Act Adovcates Make Final Push For Renewal As Congress Deadline Looms

Be very careful what you ask for, you may get it… and get it… and get it…
Suggestion Box

Firefighters are problem-solvers; they always have suggestions. Fire chiefs need to know what’s needed on the front lines, and who better to tell them than the firefighters working on it.

How do fire chiefs get the right information to tackle the right problems?

They don’t get it from inside of a box. They get it by breaking down the walls, working across divisions, and developing true teamwork and collaboration. They build a “team of teams.”

Battling Fire On December 7, 1941

Gallant actions by firefighters battling fire while bullets and bombs rained down on Pearl Harbor.

Official U.S. Navy photo of firefighters battling the fire on the U.S.S. West Virginia that was started by Japanese torpedoes and bombs in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.


Old school, same as new school.
So Much New But Not Much Has Changed

So much is new in the fire service: smarter technology, stronger equipment, more efficient techniques, and safer gear. But our greatest challenge, our real purpose, remains the same: to save lives and to protect property.

Old school, it’s pretty much the same as new school.

We Remember

We remember the horror of those planes crashing, the Twin Towers falling, and the Pentagon burning. We remember seeing some of the last moments of those who died on that day. We remember their heroism.

Ancora Imparo At The National Fire Academy

If you know me, you know that “I am still learning.” That’s what my brick at the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Walk of Honor located on the grounds of the National Fire Academy in Emittsburg, Maryland says. The words, “Ancora Imparo,” are said to have been spoken by Michelangelo on his 87th birthday. Translated from Italian, “Ancora Imparo” simply means “I am still learning.” I have always believed that we have to be constant learners, always discovering new and better ways for living and working together. So, what better place to say this than at the NFA, a setting for learning and improving.

Happy 4th of July!
Imperial Leadership

Some fire service leaders lose their way and act like Rulers. They destroy individual motivation and suppress organizational growth. These Rulers get rid of anyone standing in their way.

Leaders can avoid this pitfall by devoting themselves to personal development that cultivates relationships and builds trust. This requires transforming their leadership from being a Ruler to being a Servant of the people they lead.

Are you playing with these two?
Are You Playing With These Two?

We face a variety  of dangerous factors in our job everyday. Some are unexpected and have a mind of their own. But most are predictable and preventable. This cartoon by Paul Combs reminds us of one of those issues we can predict and prevent, simply by being aware of it and wearing our protective gear.

Dave Dodson says, “Smoke is fuel–airborne solids, aerosols, and gases that are capable of further burning…”

So why would you want to breathe it or let it soak into your skin?

Give some extra thought to how smoke hurts us, and let’s look out for each other. Make sure we’re wearing protective gear when we should!