Patience, Persistence, and Positivity!

The inner workings at a fire department can be complex and confusing. Observing and understanding the real-time issues, then making decisions and executing can be slow, grinding, and mysterious. And for an organization filled with firefighters who are ready to act, it can be very frustrating.positive

Working in a bureaucratic organization like a fire department requires patience and persistence, but also another important characteristic: positivity. Keeping a positive outlook is absolutely essential for moving a fire department into the future.

Sometimes you’re made to believe that change is impossible. Well, you just shouldn’t stand for that. You must learn to believe in the possible, and you have to be serious about making it happen.

All fire departments are fraught with a never-ending list of things to do and no one doing them, which frustrates everyone to the point of depression. It wears you down and gnaws at your mindset as it begins to distract you from your real objectives, your mission.

Remaining positive, even during the most difficult times, is a must. Getting help when you need it and partnering with the right people (other positive people) is a way to stay focused on your mission.

Appreciate the low-hanging fruit, or small wins, and the small moments of excitement that comes with them. Celebrate them when they happen. Remember, you’re a member of the fire service for a reason – don’t forget it.

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