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olk-fire attack-2-paintbrushThe Company Officer series are short articles that focus on those important factors that enhance safety and improve company (team) performance; ways to make your company better.

8 Things to Do for Your Crew. January 2008.

The Company Officer as a Coach. December 2007.

Clear the Path for Your Firefighters. October 2007.

Understanding What Motivates Our Firefighters. September 2007.

Daily Briefings Build Trust in Teams. August 2007.

Constructive Conflict. July 2007.

Speaking the Same Language. June 2007.

Action Needed to Achieve Results. May 2007.

We Can’t Save Anyone If We Become Victims. April 2007.

Moving From Firefighter to Company Officer. March 2007.

Finding Positive Solutions. February 2007.

The Root to Improving Safety. January 2007.

Company Officers Have Met the Challenge. December 2006.

Command Presence: Presentation is Everything. September 2006.

Tradition Class: Instilling the right attitudes and abilities. July 2006.

Resolve to Keep Learning. May 2006.

Time Squeeze: Work Smarter, Not Harder. March 2006.

You Don’t Have to Ride a Ladder Truck to be a Truckie. February 2006.

What’s in a Size Up? January 2006.

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