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Performance-1-paintbrushObserving Firefighter Performance: 3 critical factors contribute to firefighter excellence   FireRescue Magazine. February 2007. Three critical factors can be a company officer’s checklist for safe and effective fire ground operations, and a   long and successful fire service career. If someone was observing you, how would you rate?

Observing FF Performance-Schmidt



olk-salem-live burn-roll over-paintbrushMonth By Month: Developing a training calendar to meet your needs FireRescue Magazine. August 2007. Fire department training requirements have increased. No longer confined to just fighting fires, fire departments are now responding to special operations events and medical emergencies. They are more involved in fire inspections and community education. These demands, and more, require large amounts of time that may take away from training, particularly firefighter survival and practicing the basics. Developing and implementing an annual training calendar will assist the company officer in planning, presenting and monitoring the basic job performance requirements of their firefighters.

Month by Month-Schmidt

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