More Short Notes on Reading Going Pro

Going Pro continues to build on the “deliberate practice of professionalism.” Here’s more short notes:

  • “We must do the right thing, and do the right thing right. That is as simple as it gets.” ~quote from a speech by General Schwartz, USAF
  • The Six Domains of the New Professionalism – Weighted
    1. Professional Ethics – 25% (do the right thing)
    2. Vocational Excellence – 25% (do the right thing right)
    3. Continuous Improvement – 20% (continue to grow)
    4. Professional Engagement – 10% (focused on the customer)
    5. Professional Image – 10% (attention to detail and pride in our profession)
    6. Selflessness – 10% (keep our egos in check)

And more to come ……..

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