There's always some angle on it, if you just hang in there

My old fire chief, Herman Brice, used to say, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” He was our leader and he was reminding us that we make our own luck. To be lucky, you have to have the right mind for opportunity, be ready for it, then grab it!


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Reading the Wall Street Journal the other day, I came across a column where they asked some famous people what they thought about luck. Barbara Corcoran, real estate guru and Shark Tank judge, said it best with her positive approach here:

I love the word luck. My whole life, luck has been my partner and bedfellow. I feel like it’s been standing right by my side, and I expect it all the time. I don’t always get it, but I expect it. In any situation I assume it’s going to spin to the positive. Of course, not everything works out OK -in fact, the great majority of things don’t. But you try. And then immediately as I’m falling or failing or realizing it’s not working out, I’m thinking, This is going to lead to something better. And it always does. There’s always some angle on it, if you just hang in there. I steer clear of negative people because I see them as thieves in the night that are going to rob me of my good fortune. Maybe luck and optimism are the same thing. If you get lucky and recognize it as good luck, you expect more luck and it finds you.

Preparation. Positive expectations. It all makes for more opportunity. Combine it and you get better luck.

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