Why Complaining Is Good Business

Switch and Shift
December 29, 2014

“Don’t just complain, give us solutions.” Heard that a lot throughout my time in the fire service.

As a matter of fact, too often we’re (firefighters) accused of just complaining. Well, maybe we were just trying to bring a problem to the forefront. After all, we are problem solvers, right?

Sometimes we respond too fast with the wrong answer to the problem (some people just like to get things done, or crossed off their list). Maybe we should be patient, step back, and find out what the real problem is.

In any organization that aspires to innovation, improvement, and problem-solving, you must create an environment for complaining and bringing up problems so that trust will thrive and problems will get solved.

Read this article, and you may want to complain even more. And as the leader, hopefully now you will listen better to what you’re people are complaining about.

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