Current Explorations: November 2011

Thomas Lorimer, 1941, Lewis & Clark, An Evening Reading

My current explorations trying to make sense of our challenging world.

Reading ….

My ongoing fascination with our choice-making behaviors (how and why we do what we do) and the role that time plays in our choosing has lead me to an interesting book: TEMPO: Timing, Tactics and Strategy in Narrative-Driven Decision-Making, by Venkatesh Rao. On the fire ground (a complex and dangerous environment), tempo (time) is an unknown and uncontrollable element, like the weather, that influences our decisions and drives their outcomes. More to come when I finish the book.

Research ….

Rapid Intervention

I joined a team of firefighters researching Rapid Intervention Procedures and Equipment for emergency operations, asking the question: “Are we ready?” Everyday firefighters (and many other professions too) combat dangerous situations putting themselves in harm’s way. Everything, from buildings to automobiles, to machinery to people is getting more complicated. And while personal protective equipment, training and education is getting better, firefighters will always be at risk for the unexpected event such as a natural or man-made disaster, mechanical failure, or human error. Rapid Intervention is that process used by firefighters to facilitate rescues when an emergency occurs. Our team’s goal is to raise the awareness of unexpected events and increase the level of readiness and response when they do happen. I’m currently reviewing reports and projects from the National Fire Academy. Much more to come as this will be a long-term adventure.

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