Command Presence: Presentation is Everything

Command presence. We know it instantly when someone has it. And we know it when they don’t.

Language, body language, tone of voice, and behavior all reveal command presence or the lack of. It’s how you look, act, and communicate. It’s how you present yourself, especially under stress. And during a stressful situation, presentation is everything.

A lack of command presence from the leadership, in any kind of organization, can be hazardous and will definitely lead to ineffectiveness. A leader’s command presence is essential for moving the organization forward and sometimes controlling chaos. It provides confidence and credibility to the members of the organization. It builds trust and motivates them.

From the archives, read my article on Command Presence that focuses on leadership and presentation. It was originally posted at on September 11, 2006.

Here are four questions you should ask yourself regarding command presence:

1. Do you LOOK the part?

2. Do you CARRY YOURSELF with confidence?

3. Do you ACT the part?

4. Do you SPEAK the part?