Can Your Administration Team Hit The Target?

Photo by Kim Fitzsimmons

Photo by Kim Fitzsimmons

Are you building your fire department administration strategically? How do you find and position the cornerstone members who will ignite interest, introduce new ideas and development, and achieve a dynamically talented team? Can they hit the target?

Your fire department’s administrative team is just as important, if not more, as your engine companies or special operations team. All must be able to work together. If you don’t believe your administration team provides your fire department with an effective approach, you should take some action. Adding new talent, educating current members, and continuously engaging the team in robust discussions on strategy are all key elements of a fire department’s success.

It’s all about achieving the right mix. When administration teams bring diverse skills, specializations, knowledge and experience to the table, and when they have honest, open communication about current operations and future strategies, many new ideas emerge and important projects get accomplished. Your team hits the target!

How is your administration team designed? Does it have the right mix of talent and personality to introduce new approaches and realize effective results?

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