A Leader's Expectations: General Robert E. Lee

  • General Lee begins and ends with respect. He focuses on the mission.
  • Lee’s powerful statements:
    • “You have let US down.”
    • “Your mission was to free this army from the enemy Calvary, and to report any movement by the enemy’s main body. That mission was not fulfilled.”
    • “Perhaps you misunderstood my orders? Perhaps I did not make myself clear.”
    • “This must be made very clear. You, sir, with your Calvary, are the eyes of this army. Without your Calvary we are made blind. That has already happened once; it must never, never, happen again.”
    • “There is another fight coming tomorrow, and we need you.”
    • “You must take what I have told you and learn from it.”
    • “I know your quality. You are one of the finest Calvary officers I have ever known, and your service to this army has been invaluable.”

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